Friday, 2 April 2010

New Bags

Again, I have failed to keep up with regular blogging. I will try harder. I have made three new bags and have needle rolls for sale on site since last blog.

Linen Dogs is my very latest, fabric from same producer of the Linen Cats and Linen Lambs - so a super quality.

Olivia is a very popular bag made from a poly cotton produced in Germany (like the linen fabrics) and is is a lovely quality fabric with a funky pattern in green, black, yellow and gold.

Paris is also a great quality polycotton, but this fabric is produceed in France.

To see more about the new bags go to my site Roseland Bags.

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Sock Project Bag Competition!

I'm currently running a competition on my site to win a sock project bag. All you have to do is go to my site Roseland Bags complete the contact form with your name, email address and where you heard about the site.

Good luck!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

New Bags

These are my latest bags!

Diamonds and Feathers Sock project Bag..

..and Herbie Knitting Bag and Sock projectBag!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Knitting Events

I've just had some marvellous news - my application for a stand at Woolfest has been successful!!

If you love, knitting, spinning, weaving, felting etc you musn't miss this event. Put it in your diary now - 25/26 June 2010. Even if you only have a slight interest in this sort of thing it's well worth a visit - when you walk in you are met with a riot of colour - rows and rows of different coloured fibre.

So now I have stands at three events this year:-

Make Do and Knit 27/28 March, Liverpool

Woolfest 25/26 June, Cockermouth

Ravelry Weekend 13th/14th August, Stirling.

They are all excellent events and worth a day out.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Knitting Needle bags and TNT

Knitting Needle Bags

I have been working on a knitting needle bag design to add to my knitting and sock project bag - and this is it.

It has a flat base so it can sit on a table or are of of chair in either open or closed position. This means you can easily put in/take out needles with one hand and it takes up very little space.

These bags should be on
sale on my website Roseland Bags by the end of this month at which time I will be running a competion, the winner will be able to choose a needle bag to be made up from available fabrics as I know some knitters will have a knitting bag and/or sock bag already.

TNT Customer Service (is there such a beast?)

My most precious of possessions is a beautiful computerised Bernina Activa 140 which I use to make my bags. Lately, I have been worrying about how I could cope with orders if it broke down so I bought a Bernina Record 830, the creme de la creme of mechanical sewing machines from a shop down south (Just Sew).

The sewing machine was transported by TNT, although there was an existing crack at the base of the case, TNT managed to smash the case beyond repair. The reason I am including this in my blog is to warn other about how they will refuse to pay out any compensation for items they damage unless you open the package in front of the driver and sign for as damaged. Ofcourse, no one tells you this - certainly not the driver who would never get his deliveries done! But TNT hide behind the phrase 'it's in our terms and conditions'.

The most distressing part is that these cases are impossible to replace.

The shop I bought it from have been really splendid and very helpful and I would fully recommend them - but if you are expecting a delivery via TNT - make sure you make the driver wait while you open it.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

New Japanese Rose Bag and Christmas Presents

Wild Fire Fibres Christmas Pressie

How time rushes by, two and a half months since I last blogged! But I have been sooo busy! I never dreamed so many people would want to buy my bags for Christmas presents and from so many countries. I have sold bags to customers in France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Canada and 13 states in the US! I have added a map of 'where my bags have gone to' a nice bit of coding that also provides a link so you can have a copy to use your self.

Look what I got from Vikki at Wild Fire Fibres for Christmas, it's a shame you can't feel how soft they are, every time I walk past I have to give them a little squeeze - we all have our issues.

Vikki also made me this little sock - you put a chocolate in it and hang it on the the Christmas - not going to happen in our house, all chocolate is mine!

New Bag

I didn't get time to include my latest bag here. It's a little bit bigger than my others and has longer straps. I bought the fabric at the Knit and Stich Show at Harrogate, it's a top quality Japanese Print. I've lined it with a vibrant red very durable polycotton and here it is.

At the show I also bought some fabulous hand dyed pieces and hope to use that soon.

I am working on a range of needle cases at the moment and after that somehing a bit special (but I'm keeping that a secret for the moment).

Thursday, 15 October 2009

New Bags and Buttons and Tim Minchin

Website Additions

I have been very busy this last few days making some more lovely bags. These new bags are made from linen and the fabric comes from Germany and has a marvellous texture as well as print.

There are 3 of them, and here they are!

I have also been busy providing artistic advice (though my husband just called it unnecessary interference). Husband is a carpenter by trade and I asked him if he would turn some buttons using some of the exotic woods he hordes away in his workshop. I must have caught him in a good mood because he made me a really good selection - and they are GORGEOUS!

What do you think?

So these too are now available on my website.


Now it is my belief that most people either love or hate gingers. I love gingers but then I am biased because most of my family (including myself) have one shade or another of this colour. I'm auburn, my husband a lighter shade, my son has a rich ginger not auburn but not red topped with bright green. Yes, bright green which provides a very colourful style. But at least the green part of the hair matches all green earings.

Anyway, he showed me a very amusing performance on YouTube by Tim Minchin, an Australian comedic singer/songwriter. Even if you aren't ginger you might find this quite entertaining.

I also like this Tim Minchin - If I didn't have you - but I know he's not every one's cup of tea but I think his work is great fun.